CBD vs. Hemp Oil

CBD vs. Hemp Oil

Apr 26th 2019

The rising use of CBD oil and hemp products is one of the biggest trends in the health and wellness community. As you peruse these natural supplements and topical products, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. When you know the differences between all of your different options, you’ll be able to find the best CBD products for your needs.

Read on to learn more about the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil.

Is There a Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

While many CBD oils are in fact extracted from hemp, it’s important to note that they aren’t exactly the same thing. Hemp seed oil, like olive oil and sunflower seed oil, is an extract made by pressing seeds. Hemp seed oil may also be called cannabis seed oil, but it does not contain any traces of THC (the psychoactive or intoxicating ingredient in marijuana). While CBD oil is made from hemp, a product that is made only from hemp seeds will not contain any cannabinoids at all, which means there’s no CBD.

Is Hemp Oil as Effective as CBD Oil?

Hemp seed oil has its own benefits, but they're more similar to what you might expect from other plant seed oils. For example, hemp seed oil has a lot of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids plus plenty of antioxidants. If you’re looking to get the benefits of CBD, though, hemp seed oil alone won’t be any help. Instead, you’ll want to find a CBD oil or topical product made from natural hemp. The plant itself, not the seed, is where you get these desirable cannabinoids that supplement the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. Beware of brands that attempt to sell hemp seed oil as if it can have these benefits even though their products don’t contain CBD.

CBD Hemp Oil Benefits

Some people use CBD when they want natural remedies for anxiety, either for themselves or for their pets. Mental ailments like stress and depression are among the most common uses for CBD, but other customers will purchase it to address physical pain as well. Some people even use it to address cancer-related symptoms, both from the disease itself and from the treatment. In those cases, customers have said it helps them with nausea and vomiting in addition to general pain.

We’ve already heard anecdotal stories of people using it for substance abuse treatment, seizure prevention, and even heart health. Some customers say this supplement is good for general digestive health that may prevent diabetes, and it’s been used to address skin conditions like acne. We’re still waiting for more clinical studies to uncover all the potential benefits of CBD.

CBD Hemp Oil Uses

There are many ways humans and pets consume CBD, but three stand out as the most popular:

  1. Tinctures – Fast, simple, and effective, tinctures can be used sublingually (under the tongue). Glands in your mouth absorb CBD and introduce it to the bloodstream for precise dosing.
  2. Infused Edibles – CBD has been worked into things like chocolates, and some of the tinctures have great flavors too.
  3. Topicals – For aching joints, sore muscles, and arthritis pain, people like CBD-infused skin solves. Apply it directly to the problem area, and address anything from stiffness to acne.

Where to Buy CBD Oil

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Image Credit: Shutterstock/ElRoi